About Malia Makahanaloa

Hi, my name is Malia. I am a lover of city-life, food, philosophy, arts, writing and coffee.  I've been fidgeting with digital design for 12 years now. Mom to a confident 2 year old who is 3/4 my height. Minimal + Might was created after years of doing freelance without a brand and it is named after my infatuation with the power in the tiny details of life. In height and cinnamon, a little goes a long way. I am a maker at heart. I have a love for bringing out the beauty in things. I truly believe my job is made easy by my unending curiosity and belief of what can be.


A little love note to you:
Live creatively. Always let truth speak for itself. Let fate flourish by allowing every bit of sincerity to sink into you. Eat delicious food in pretty places as often as possible. Exhaust clearance racks first before looking at anything full priced. Never forget that your interior life is primary and always, always, do you. ♥


"Oh, I'm from the island of Tacoma, WA"    ← My go-to response to that question. My family moved from Oahu to Washington State just before I was born.Tacoma is a city just 40 minutes south of Seattle. I technically grew up in a town called Spanaway, which is 20 minutes south of Tacoma. People who live in Washington State don't even know where that is.


maw-kuh-haw-nuh-low-uh After you get it down, it becomes a lot more fun to say. It means "Hard working eyes" which has been definitive of different analytical traits in the personalities in my family. Yes, it is Hawaiian.



I live in Seattle, WA.
Our city is the perfect blend of muted hues and contemplative blues. I truly believe it's proximity to water makes Seattle full of thinkers and coffee drinkers. And for all the other things Seattle has contributed to the world among computers and coffee, you're welcome.



In a job interview, the first strength that I highlight is my resourcefulness. It is my greatest strength and it first grew in me, creatively. Maybe it was because of my upbringing. We were constantly having to make something out of nothing. We'd make marble courses with the spines of books or compete to see how many different kinds of dresses we could make with a single flat bed sheet. Design or creating allows one to think outside the box and that should be practiced as often as possible.



I named this blog minimal + might because the two words resonate a powerful stillness in me. Minimal things have mighty influence. Nothing is more clear than when I am challenged to create. Detail is paramount. I've found the most strength in the simplest of things and I carry that principle with me, daily. I'm also 5' 1" (barely the 1) but I am a strong, powerful, influential-type, so there's an ode to that in the name, as well. (toot-toot)



Oh the joys of creating something! I've always loved crafts, arts, and design. My mom used to say that Martha Stewart was my babysitter. I'd get glued to the television with big eyes of wonder. I started baking and crafting too early in life. At 6, I wanted to be an interior designer. At 12, I wanted to be a graphic designer. Now I am a little bit of both but with the freedom to be any kind of designer I want to be on any given day. I learned some very important things from Martha like a love for pastels and muted color tones, that presentation is key, and that it's a cold world and even Martha's gotta make that money.